Electric Radiators Direct

International SEO Strategy Leads to No.1 Ranking For 'Electric Radiators' Within 4 Months

After cementing their position in the UK market, our international SEO strategy helped propel ERD into the Ireland market.

Client: Electric Radiators Direct

Electric Radiators Direct, renowned as the UK's leading online retailer, has made its mark by offering premium heating products suitable for both domestic and commercial spaces.


Having established a robust foothold in the UK, Electric Radiators Direct eyed international waters. Their target? The Ireland market, which presented both opportunities and challenges unique to its demographic and economic landscape.

The Solution

The transition from a domestic to an international market demanded a multi-faceted approach tailored to regional specificities.

Our solutions included:

  • Domain Strategy: Chose a domain structure that would cater to both UK and Ireland audiences without diluting brand authority.
  • Hreflang Implementation: To ensure search engines presented the correct regional version of the site to users.
  • Localized Content: Content was crafted to resonate with the Ireland audience, considering local terminologies, preferences, and interests.
  • Metadata Optimization: Adjusted metadata to align with local search patterns, ensuring visibility in region-specific search queries.
  • Content Alterations: Recognized and addressed market differences, such as emphasizing delivery specifics from Ireland.
  • Link Building: Strategic outreach to Irish publications enhanced domain authority within the regional market.
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The Result?

Our International SEO campaign led to:

  • Number 1 ranking on Google for their primary keyword 'electric radiators' within 4 months
  • Number 1 ranking on Google for 'electric heaters' within 6 months
  • Higher SEO visibility than all Ireland competitors including Screwfix
  • They exceeded their forecasted revenue by 20%

This case study underscores the significance of a tailored, technically sound approach when expanding into international markets. Electric Radiators Direct's success in Ireland is a testament to the effectiveness of methodical, region-specific SEO strategies.

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