SEO that drives revenue growth

Our SEO services help your customers discover you from keywords valuable to your business. We're focused on delivering organic revenue, not just traffic.

Climb the rankings, without the gimmicks

Having cut our cloth from working in-house driving growth for eCommerce brands, we focus on achieving results business owners care about. While KPIs like organic traffic and visibility are important, we'll always be prioritising impact to your bottom line.

Using tried and tested methods, our SEO strategy has helped companies improve their organic performance in a range of sectors such as eCommerce, SaaS, EV charging, fashion, security & more.
No long-term contracts, just confidence in our results
At Cappa Digital, we don’t believe in binding you with 6 or 12-month contracts. Our confidence in delivering stellar results means you’re never tied down.

By giving you the freedom to part ways whenever you choose, we're even more motivated to get you results with SEO, as fast as possible. It's why many of our clients choose to stay with us for over a year, and some even counting their journey in years.
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5 Step SEO Approach
Website Analysis
Our initial step is to conduct a detailed website analysis to gauge your site's present state. From these insights, we can establish the groundwork for a successful long-term SEO project.
Competitor Analysis
Grasping the competitive dynamics of your sector is vital. We delve into identifying opportunities from within your sector, and where we can improve.
Keyword Research
The cornerstone of any effective SEO project is extensive keyword research. We analyse valuable keywords to your business, and structure your website in a way that means each keyword is targeted.
Website Optimisation
For your website to be ranked highly by Google, it needs to be technically sound. Is it easily crawlable by Google? Quick to load for visitors? Are website errors fixed? We run regular technical audits for upkeep.
Content & Backlinks
It's no secret that regular content creation is the cornerstone of a website with great rankings. Pair SEO content creation with some backlink acquisition, and your organic traffic may just skyrocket!