Google Ads Strategy Generates 721% Return on Investment

Our tried and tested PPC strategy helped skyrocket eFaraday's B2B sales growth within the EV charging sector.

Client: eFaraday

eFaraday stands as a vanguard in its sector, emphasizing advanced solutions and outstanding client relationships.


eFaraday's aim was to optimize their B2B Google Ads campaigns, focusing on efficiency, lower costs, and higher conversions. The challenge was to ensure that every ad dollar spent translated into tangible returns.

The Solution:

The focus was not merely on traffic but on converting that traffic into contact form submissions and phone calls.

Our methodological approach encompassed:

  • Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs): Moving away from a blanket approach, we initiated SKAGs. This allowed us to create meticulously tailored ads for every keyword. The result? A significant improvement in the Quality Score, which in turn led to reduced costs per click, improved ad positions, and an uptick in conversion rates.
  • Manual Cost-Per-Click (CPC): Instead of relying on automated bidding, a manual CPC strategy was adopted. This granular control over bids ensured that resources were allocated effectively, reducing expenses on underperforming keywords and channeling funds towards those that promised high returns.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Recognizing that the final touchpoint – the landing page – plays a pivotal role in converting traffic, we honed in on refining user experience. Through strategic enhancements to call-to-actions, integrating social proof elements, and optimizing copy, the conversion rate saw considerable growth, amplifying the ROI.
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The Result?

The outcome of these combined efforts was impressive:

eFaraday observed a 721% ROI over a 12-month period, underscoring the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.

This case study demonstrates the power of a carefully calibrated Google Ads strategy. For eFaraday, the results speak volumes about the potential returns available with a tried and tested PPC strategy.

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